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perfect rolex men’s watch Milgauss Oystersteel 116400GV

Most people did not think about the perfect rolex men’s watch Milgauss Oystersteel 116400GV novelties at the Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show 2014 … We already know that the black dial version will be eliminated without green crystal (Ref.166400). What the watch world did not foresee was the arrival of a new version of Milgauss, in particular the blue dial. Nobody but us! In our Rolex article for the annual column, we show you the blue anti-magnetic replica orologi Rolex dial, but we must admit that the color is not too good. Once, we must say that ‘Z Blue’ (his nickname) is a very interesting novelty. Let us introduce you to the Rolex Milgauss Blue Dial Ref. 116400GV.

The MILGAUSS – French word for 1000 Gauss – launched in 1956 for central ones, health facilities and research laboratories (such as CERN near Geneva), where the strong electromagnetic field, the influence of chronograph watch anti-magnetic work. Some moving parts of the watch (such as the barbell and the spiral) are sensitive to the electromagnetic field: these electromagnetic fields influence the width of its barrel and therefore change the frequency of the movement. Some of you have experienced problems with your watch (for example, magnetic problems caused by your computer or mobile phone). But working all day in these conditions, magnetically shielded clocks are obviously necessary. A simple solution is to place the movement in a Faraday cage, which is a protective shell made of a conductive material, usually in soft iron.
The first version of Milgauss was introduced in 1956 as Ref. 6451, free in design and in the specifications of the vendita orologi Rolex Submariner Ref in 1953. shell large oyster 6204, and red triangles 12, and the metal bracelet caulking protected double crown locking black box can be rotated and simultaneously MILGAUSS found in the sub. In addition to the main difference between Faraday’s cage capacity and anti-magnetic, however, black-colored 3-6-9 dial, Alpha hand (instead of “Mercedes-hand”) in specific cell phone triangle indexes and unique flash hand “in seconds just to remember that the purpose of the guard Ref. 6451 has a classic replica orologi Rolex caliber  , 1080, since the magnetic properties of the case and the dial (also applies to soft iron) rather than movement.

The most important evolution was the literature introduced in 1960. In 1019, with a more classic design, there is a house near the date of the oyster. In the reference. The 1019 black rotating ring creates a method for polishing and fixing steel rings, while the classic straight line is the Lightning Seconds. The dial is available in black and light gray, with a stick and a firmer hand. The watch always maintains a resistance of 1000 Gaussians with the help of the Faraday cage. The model was removed from the replica orologi Rolex Manual in 1988.
In 2007,  fake rolex watches and Ref were seen. The rebirth of the antimagnetic collection. 116400. Although MILGAUSS is not as popular as a submarine or a Daytonado, the auction price for older models is quite impressive and makes collectors attractive. Furthermore, more and more functions are now required to work in magnetic conditions, particularly in IT. This is probably the reason for replica orologi Rolex Milgauss introduced again, and now we know the dimensions of 40 mm, black dial / green crystal version, a version of the white dial, and now “Lightning” and several iconic orange agricultural index and hand tips.
The main difference is that previous generations MILGAUSS magnetic structure: the older models are based on the case of soft iron, in order to protect the movement, the magnetic shield embedded in the selection new magnetic front spring (blue Parachrom) from a material having a magnetic permeability of the composition. The clock not only prevents the electrostatic field but also prevents the magnetic field. Even Omega went ahead because his 15,000 Gauss watches were not based on a single case, but in a completely new sport it was completely diamagnetic, and its thin watch even allowed a transparent back.
One might ask why the new Milgauss (al) was given the nickname “Z Blue”. The reason is that the electric blue dial is covered with zirconium. The main novelty of this reference is that the blue color is very bright because it has a metallic sun light, from dark blue to light blue.

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