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fake rolex men’s watch Cellini 18 ct Everose gold 50535

If you think of a watch that bears the name fake rolex Cellini watches, it is something specially built, sporty-sporty (not always and the “most elegant” in the collection is a day-date) and simple in terms of complications (with the Exception for the Sky-Dweller … but it’s a clock between the pieces, mostly of date and time). In 2014, Rolex created a name that stands for elegant wrist watches: Cellini. This watch is built with a classic round case and has already introduced several complications, all of which are very practical. But what if the crown goes where you do not expect it to go … in astronomical complications. You probably would not say much about Rolex, but that is exactly what you did with the new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 and it looks good!
The new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 displays hours, minutes, seconds, moon phase and date with a date pointer. The indication of the moon phase on a wrist watch is, we are honest, kind of useless. When did you last check the moon phase? This complication is probably best described as ‘poetic’. The concept of Rolex has long been to offer a watch for a specific purpose: Submariner for divers, Explorer for adventurers, GMT-Master for travelers, Daytona for racers (at least Rolex watches are advertised). The same applies to the Oyster collection, but the fake rolex Cellini watches catalog also includes a number of other watches that are very different from the Osyters and of course the perfect base for exploring different areas, including precious and rare materials, craftsmanship or other complications, In this context, the moon phase of Cellini comes to life.
Before Rolex began producing the watches we know today, they had different clocks with moon phase display – some, and only a few, are rare and are being sought by collectors today. We can imagine two models that refine the design of the new Rolex Cellini Moonphase Ref. 50535 have influenced, both in style and in terms of display. These two are icons and auction stars: the Rolex 6062 “Stelline” and the Rolex 8171 “Padellone”. The first was realized in the early fifties for only three years. Second (36 mm) a 38 mm generous case was in the early 50’s for a very short time. Both had the same display: two windows for the day of the week and the month, and more interesting for today, the date on the edge and the moon phases in a decentralized dial at 6 o’clock … just like the new Cellini Moonphase.

Normally The Crown is not too keen on making vintage-oriented pieces, but with this replica rolex watches Moonphase we can not fail to remember references 8171 and 6062. This is of course not a simple “recovery” of an old model, but the inspiration is quite clear and extremely classic in execution. We knew that the new, round Cellini was the field for such traditional complications, a bit removed from the fake rolex men’s watch Cellini 18 ct Everose gold 50535 habits, and this new version of the Moon is not contradictory. We have even dreamed of the triple calendar, the annual calendar or even the perpetual versions of the calendar – which have officially never existed at Rolex, but they have not done it officially. This Cellini moon phase is different, not much Rolex in the beginning, but it still feels like Rolex if you look at it with historical eyes. And to be honest, it is nice to see something that differs drastically from the usual sub / GMT / Datejust.

First let’s have it over the display. The new Rolex Cellini MoonPhase plays with a very classic, balanced and elegant theme, with a screen reminiscent of the clocks of the 50s (not only by fake rolex Cellini watches, because these watches have been very successful during that time): The moon phase 6, the date, indicated by an elongated central hand and a trace at the same edge of the quadrant … but without the usual windows of the day and month at 12. This lack of display of the calendar does not remove anything for the beauty of such a screen, perfect in the Context of a wristwatch: balanced, elegant, discreet and readable. And since we are talking about Rolex, obviously Everything is completely different from the other (the job of the minutes, hours and marks the track of the data well positioned and well separated). And then there is the moon at 6 o’clock.
Unlike most watches, the fake rolex Cellini watches moon phase uses a screen that is slightly different from the audience. Usually the moon phase indications are semi-circular windows that show a partial partial representation of the moon (or no on the new moon), with slices on

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