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replica rolex men’s watch GMT-Master II white gold 116719BLRO

Not everyone likes Rolex, but the brand has a long history and has made significant and significant contributions to watches that can not be refuted. For example, Rolex is widely praised for creating the first waterproof watch, but is also responsible for automatically changing the date of the first watch, Datejust, and is the first watch to display two time zones at a time, which is GMT-Master. Our focus today is on the Rolex GMT-Master, or rather on the Rolex GMT-Master II 116719BLNR – but first a little history.
The modern Rolex GMT-Master II was launched in 2005 as a GMT-Master II Ref full-gold. 116719LN. This is an anniversary model, so a green dial has been added to the iconic Rolex tone. The diameter of this new Rolex GMT-Master II remains unchanged at 40 mm, but has buy rolex watches and Maxi Dial now known as replica rolex GMT-Master II – Rolex represents the largest and most fatty houses respectively. Represented – so it looks and wears a size over 40 mm would suggest. For the first time, it was fitted with a ceramic bezel and Rolex claimed it was almost resistant to scratches and fading. Other changes include a larger Trip-Lock crown, a new bracelet with a polished central link and an Easylink extension, a 24-hour green clock and a brand new 3186 movement. The new 3186 movement is not new compared to the old Caliber 3185 movement. , but it is equipped with the new Rolex Rolex gossamer, the clockwise operation is now smoother and more accurate.

Rolex GMT-Master II ref. A year later 116719LN, Rolex released a half-gold or two-tone version called Ref. 116719LN and finally released the Ref all in steel in 2007. 116710LN. Although no one can discuss the technical improvements of the new Rolex GMT-Master II watch, the only thing that obviously lacks in these new watches is the two-color frame that makes the old Rolex GMT-Master watch so readable. If you want to know, older models have aluminum inserts that can be easily printed. But ceramics is a very difficult material to process and for a long time cheap rolex watches has declared that it is impossible to create a two-color border on ceramic.
So, imagine our surprise, so at the Basel International Watch Fair 2013, replica rolex GMT-Master II launched a new Rolex GMT-Master II watch with blue and black ceramic bezel: a reference. 116719BLNR (bleu / noir BLNR). It is easy to become one of the protagonists of last year’s show: last year we personally reported that the new ceramic bezel was well made and the watch was beautiful in the body.
From the Rolex GMT-Master II ref. The 116719BLNR jobs are flying off the shelves – even if the Rolex standards, the resale price is very close to the retail price – it seems that we are not the only ones who think so. In fact, at least in my world, many retailers are actually charging a prize for this job. As soon as I looked around, I asked if I found a retailer who would be happy to sell at retail prices.
For this review, I will not talk to you about the function and technical details of this watch, I think the features of the 3186 model before us on steel and Ref Ref. 116719. Furthermore, the replica rolex GMT-Master II is so popular that it should be familiar to most people. But I would say that this situation is a solid structure and a good polish, the bracelets and the buckles are also of the highest quality. In addition, the Easylink extension allows you to carefully extend the 5 mm bracelet, which is a saver on hot days. Not everyone will be a fan of links to the Polishing Center, but I like it because it distinguishes GMT-Master II from Submariner, making it more polished.

What I would like to talk about the most is the new blue and black ring, and if it is worth paying the difference in the price of the standard Ref. 116719LN. Currently, the replica rolex men’s watch GMT-Master II white gold 116719BLRO The current reference price of the 116719BLNR is around $ 600. 116719LN price.
Now, the two-tone ceramic bezel is very technical, and actually starts with blue, and therefore black uses a proprietary Rolex process. It is known that the second shade is obtained by masking the half of the frame and exposing the discovered half to a special chemical process. The transition between the two colors is impeccable, very clear, without smudging or appreciable blur. The sculpted figures are then finished with a thin platinum coating, giving it a shiny, captivating and transparent three-dimensional appearance.
However, if you are blue or neutral, it is important to note that the shades of blue change according to the light. In a bright environment, like in direct sunlight, the blue is very captivating, breathtaking and looks almost purple at some angles. In conditions of low i

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